Testimonials of Recipients from the LFCF’s Assistance…

“The generosity of the Lorene Foster Children’s Fund made a difficult time a little more bearable.”

“One of the wonderful things about life is that there are people who love and care for others.”

“There comes a time in everyone’s life where a helping hand is needed.”

“My son was able to run in the Junior Olympics thanks to your donation of running shoes.”

“I want to thank you for providing the money for my eyeglasses. I really like my glasses now I can see better, thanks.”

“Thank you for the Vons groceries check. I was able to finally do something so normal as to cook for the family . . . up to this point I was barely functioning.”

“You have blessed us so much, that I am seriously praying about being a part of the [Adopt a Family] Holiday Program in some way next year . . . I would love to be able to return the blessing in some way for someone!”

“My children were heart broken for the loss of their mom. My entire family was in despair. But when we thought that everything around us was collapsing, you brought us hope.”

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