How We Help

How the LFCC Helps Year-Round…

Each school year, over 100 children and their families are helped by the LFCF since its inception in 1994. The LFCF focuses on providing basic necessities and strengthening the self-esteem of the children, in order to provide a solid foundation for learning and enable success in school and life.

Throughout the District’s nine schools (totaling 8,500 eligible students), teachers, nurses and principals identify needy children to receive medical, financial, and/or basic needs of food and clothing. Some of the items needed by these children and families are:
• Eye, hearing and medical exams
• Glasses and hearing aids
• Medical supplies
• Emergency food and clothing
• Shoes and backpacks

LFCF volunteers follow a three-tiered approach to provide the help needed:
1.) Utilize free resources and established agencies within the Santee community.
2.) Leverage LFCF’s relationships with local professionals (i.e., audiologists, optometrists, psychologists), where services and fees are typically donated.
3.) If necessary, utilize the fund established by monetary donations (100% of which benefits the children).

*The fund has grown consistently since inception through Santee School District employee payroll deductions, contributions of family and friends, and generous donations from We Deliver Dreams Foundation of MBE/UPS and local businesses such as the San Diego Wine Co.


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