The Lorene Foster Children’s Fund is dedicated to the memory of Lorene Foster who lost her battle with cancer in 1994. Lorene began her career as a school nurse in the Santee School District (San Diego County) in September of 1977. Lorene dedicated her life to helping the children in the Santee community by pursuing benefits for them through local agencies and community resources.

Keenly aware of their needs and through her perseverance, the children were offered the opportunity to pursue a positive and productive learning experience by receiving special services and necessary supplies. Her immense love and concern for the welfare of the children she worked with, her zest for life and her commitment to good health created the idea for this non-profit children’s fund.

This not-for-profit fund has been providing benefits to families and children in the Santee community since 1994 and is a loving tribute to Lorene Foster for her dedication, and giving to the children of the Santee School District.

Charities Going Gaga for Gift Cards

Lorene Foster Gift Cards
Jonette Francke holds gift cards donated as part of a “Gift Cards for Children” drive at San Diego Wine Company. CHARLIE NEUMAN • U-T


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